Maria Nyawula

I was born in Stilfontein on the 17th of July 1959 in the North West of South Africa. I attended Kwa-Nozizwe Primary School in Khuma location. When I was 16 years old my parents relocated to Queenstown because life was not easy at all, we hitch hiked to the heart of the Eastern Cape in Queenstown. I then went to Cofimvaba village school where I did my junior certificate, followed by Nzimankulu where I matriculated 1979. In 1985 to 1989 I was employed by the Lady Frère Municipality as a clerk, thereafter I was promoted to senior clerk. I then resigned; this was my first and my last job before I decided to pursue my dream as a business woman. I then did my secretarial course in Umtata in 1980.


Two months after I resigned from the municipality, my husband who was in the South African Police Services was shot on the neck, a week later my last born daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer and she had her leg amputated, it was a disaster because my husband was booked medically unfit and he was given his pension money, seeing that I was passionate in sewing and catering, he bought me a sewing machine and catering equipment. Three months later; disaster struck and my house burnt down with all the equipment he bought me, life then was hard. I had no house; but the vision of becoming a business woman was still there.

I had to rise above the situation as a mother of 3 with all the needs and the challenges I was faced with. Since we were insured the insurance later paid the burnt house, but not the furniture as we were under insured. I decided to start a hostel in the new house in Milner Street. I had to refurbish some of the bathrooms into a type of a hostel to accommodate school children from various schools in the district. Due to the lack of funds, I had next to nothing and as Barkly Hostel was closing down I had to negotiate a deal with them in order to acquire all the necessary goods that were required to start a hostel. The children who were admitted in my hostel were treated like Queens and the hostel was running very smooth but then as I was now a bread winner and the profit from the hostel was not enough as my daughter needed a special care on medication because of cancer, then I saw an advert on the newspaper for an Au pair I then decided to leave the country. Life was not easy for me in Israel leaving my husband who had post-traumatic stress after he was shot and my daughter was still on bandages from the amputation but there was no way. I just had to leave them behind because I had to put food on the table. As my husband was no longer working and the medication bills were too high. I got a Job in Israel as an au pair. I only worked for 3 months and I decided to come back home as it was not easy to stay from my family with two pf those family members sick, I came back home penniless, I had to put food on the table as a breadwinner now. I decided to open a bed and breakfast the dream, passion and vision were there, but I had no money, while I was thinking where to get the capital, I decided to rent out my house. Thinking that I will get money to renovate my house from the rentals all was in vain. I took over my Milner House from renting and I decided to go to Buildright (a building supplier) to ask for credit to buy paint from the manager I told him about my vision to start a B&B, but I had no money. I then asked him if he could give me credit and as soon as I started receiving guests I would pay him. In short, he gave me everything I wanted and I started cleaning the house on my own as I had no money to hire a painter. I painted the house and thought where I would get the money for everything else, from spoons to linen. I have tried all the furniture shops for credit and they refused only because I had no pay slip as I was not working. I stood up on my faith. I never gave up, I did the difficult and God did the impossible.

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